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4IZ570 Trendy ve znalostních technologiích

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16.9.2013 10:00

Katedra informačního a znalostního inženýrství
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4IZ570 Trendy ve znalostních technologiích
(2/-) 3ECTS kredity

na téma

Knowledge Discovery and Management:
An Applied Perspective

Termín výuky: 16.9.- 21.9.2013, 10:00-16:00, místnost bude upřesněna
(přihlašování přes ISIS od 1.9.2013)

Přednášející: Dr. Fazel Famili, Group Leader, Knowledge Discovery, NRC Institute for Information Technology, Ottawa, Canada
(předmět bude vyučován v angličtině)

obsah kurzu:
This course provides overviews and some detailed case studies on various knowledge discovery applications. Actual scientific and business examples used in this course will illustrate proven case studies designed, implemented and evaluated by domain experts. Throughout this course, major relative strengths and distinctive characteristics of some well known data mining methodologies will be discussed. We also demonstrate how our case studies can lead to real world applications and even tools that could be deployed for better management of today’s data rich environments.
And finally, this course has a mini-project that course attendees are expected to complete and present to the instructor. Attendees will select their project topics and discussion sessions on how to complete the project will be held at the end of each day of the course.