Research group: Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering (SWOE)

The SWOE acronym can also be read – according to several web sources, referring to hybridization of (Wilkinson) “Sword” and “hoe” – as „long-handled weeder“ or „very lightweight, many angled weeding tool“. In our context, we can refer to the metaphor of weeding in view of long-term fruit in the semantic web garden. Consequently, also SWOE’s color among the KIZI groups is green.

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Research focus

The Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering (SWOE) group at KIZI (one of its four research groups, over-arched by the virtual Knowledge Engineering Group) undertakes research in knowledge and data representation and management, in particularly in connection with the semantic web. The focal areas of the group currently are:


The seed of the group had been gradually formed since approx. 2000, the initial topics having been the computerization of clinical guidelines (e.g., in the EU FP4 MGT project, where the Stepper tool for text-centric guideline formalization was developed) and modest contributions to the initial phase of the semantic web research (via non-funded partnership in EU FP5 projects such as OntoWeb and Knowledge Web).  In EU FP6, the team had been involved, among other, in the design of the Core Ontology of Multimedia (COMM), in the frame of the K-Space Network of Excellence (2006-2008). The group also hosted the EKAW 2006 conference (with V. Svátek as Co-Chair).


As summary, the current core vision of the group is:


Group leaders: Vojtěch Svátek, Ondřej (Šváb-)Zamazal

Other group members:

Important group alumni (ex-PhD, MSc or project collaborators): Václav Belák, Tomáš Hanzal, Petr Hazuza, Martin Kavalec, Jakub Klímek (XRG group at Charles University and WI group at CTU), Martin Labský, Marek Nekvasil, Jan Nemrava, Josef Petrák, Štěpán Pilař, Michal Pomykacz, Simone Serra, Petr Škoda (primarily XRG group at Charles University), Šárka Turečková, Jan Zemánek.


Within the University, the SWOE group mainly cooperates with

Within the Czech Republic, there is lasting cooperation with the XRG group at Charles University. In particular, XRG members have been directly involved in research activities of EU projects:

At the international level, the group collaborates with numerous foreign partners, either in connection with EU projects (in particularly, the recently ended EU FP7 IP LOD2 and currently running or on informal basis, yielding a decent number of joint publications. Examples of such joint research are:

Selected recent publications

Only a selection of prestigious ones; many others can be found on the homepage of V. Svátek (only the older ones at the moment…) or in the UEP publications database: for V. Svátek, O. Zamazal, or analogously for other members

Zamazal O., Svátek V.: The Ten-Year OntoFarm and its Fertilization within the Onto-Sphere. J. Web Semantics, Elsevier, Volume 43, March 2017, Pages 46-53.

Svátek V., Zamazal O., Vacura M.: Categorization Power of Ontologies with Respect to Focus Classes. In: EKAW 2016, Springer LNCS. Best paper award nomination.

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Vacura M., Svátek V., Gangemi A.: An ontological investigation over human relations in linked data. Applied Ontology 11(3): 227-254 (2016).

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Activities of the group are reflected in several courses taught at the University, most notably the MSc-level courses:

A primer to semantic web knowledge representation methods is also provided as part of a Bc-level course:

Newly, the semantic web / ontology agenda is also partially covered in the PhD-level course:

Older news:

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