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MSc Knowledge technology (ZT)

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The Knowledge Technology specialization is focused on preparation of specialists in the field of modern technologies which are associated with various aspects of knowledge processing. The raising talks about knowledge society are based on the fact that there are many data and a big amount of associated information. Sometimes, some important things are not obvious at first glance and can be discovered only after analysis aimed to uncover relationships or dependencies (referred to collectively as “knowledge”). Therefore, the goal of the study specialization is to provide students with an overview of the principles, methods and tools for knowledge processing (including their acquisition, storage, retrieval, inferention etc.). The graduates are prepared for the profession of information systems analysts, knowledge engineers, developers of applications for data mining and web mining. For all of these professions, graduates are equipped with high-quality theoretical background and the basic necessary practical experience.

The study is based on a complex understanding of the work with knowledge using modern software tools not only in practical terms, but also with the necessary theoretical foundations. Students are not only getting familiar with the basics of artificial intelligence, information theory and inference, principles of intelligent systems but also with knowledge acquisition from databases or the web.

The best graduates may continue with study at the doctoral level. The Department of Information and Knowledge Engeneering also offers the possibility to participate in research projects of the department – both at national and European level.