Research Groups

The Department is active in a broad range of topics related to knowledge and web technologies. At the very beginning of 2015, four research groups have formed, which represent hubs for the diverse scientific activities but also cover educational and industry-transfer activities. The groups are, in turn:

The lightweight ‘joint venture’ of the groups is the Department’s scientific seminar, for historical reasons known as Knowledge Engineering Group seminar (KEG).

The Department is engaged in a large number of journals, conferences and workshops. Its members are editorial members of prestigious journals, such as Elsevier’s Journal of Web Semantics or IOS Press’ Intelligent Data Analysis, as well as PC members of conferences such as ISWC, ESWC, ECML/PKDD, RuleML, ISMIS, EKAW, SOFSEM or SEMANTiCS.

The Department has also been, since mid 90s, involved in a large number of national and international research projects.

Most recently, a significant share of the Department’s research activities (essentially, those of the DMKD, IIS and SWOE groups), but potentially also covering some activities of the neighbor departments, have been summed up under the label AI@VSE. This label is particularly used in the context of our participation in AICZECHIA, the national collaboration platform for Artificial Intelligence laboratories.