Intelligent Information Systems

The Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) group at KIZI (one of its four research groups, overarched by the virtual Knowledge Engineering Group) undertakes research in designing and using intelligent systems and investigating their theoretical grounding. The focal areas of the group currently are:

  • Designing and using logic-based, rule-based and case-based expert system shells and providing them with domain- and task-specific knowledge bases
  • Modelling of uncertainty in information systems (including fuzziness, possibilistic models and information theory)
  • Analyzing the properties of observational calculi applicable on association hypotheses discovered in data using analytical tools
  • Study of relationships and differences between human and computational intelligence
  • Software design for intelligent buildings.

IIS color among the KIZI groups is red, referring to the outstanding position that intelligent systems have compared to conventional information systems.

News (since Fall 2014)