Research Team: Data Science & Explainable AI (DSXAI)

The Data Science & Explainable AI (DSXAI) research team was explicitly formed at VSE in 2024, building upon multiple pre-existing research groups, in view of synergy between mutiple threads of Data Science, AI and Knowledge Engineering research.

It is recognized as one of the 12 “teams of excellence” within VSE, addressing its focal areas.

The central topics investigated by the team are:

  • Psychological aspects and biases in machine learning, both wrt. training data and result interpretation
  • Explainable machine Learning based on rule discovery, both in propositional and relational setting
  • Mechanizing hypothesis formation: integration of data mining and formal logic (observational calculi)
  • Knowledge graphs as source and/or target in machine learning
  • Structural patterns in ontologies and knowledge graphs
  • Measuring the intelligence of artificial agents.

Team members

The team is co-led by five tenured senior researchers (in alphabetic order): Petr Berka, Tomáš Kliegr, Jan Rauch, Vojtěch Svátek, Ondřej Zamazal.

Researchers (tenure-track): David Chudán, Petr Máša, Ondřej Vadinský, Filip Vencovský, Stanislav Vojíř.

Post-docs: Pavel Strnad, Lukáš Švarc, Václav Zeman.

PhD students: Kateřina Haniková, Petr Hoza, Patrik Kompuš, Dana Malcová, Barbara Moreová, Viet Bach Nguyen, Lukáš Sýkora, Peter Vajdečka, Jana Vataščinová.

The team primarily consists of members of Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (KIZI), but also reaches out to other organizational units of FIS. Internally, it spans upon three pre-existing, non-disjoint working groups of KIZI: DMKD, SWOE and IIS (however, these groups feature a broader scope of activities, including educational ones).

Most important current and recent projects

  • EU HE Onto-DESIDE – Ontology-based Decentralized Sharing of Industry Data in the European Circular Economy, 2022-2025 (project accession on the fly in Spring 2024)
  • EU COST Action GOBLIN: Global Network on Large-Scale, Cross-domain and Multilingual Open Knowledge Graphs, 2024-2028
  • IGS VSE “Evaluation of general intelligence of artificial agents”, 2023-2025
  • EU CHIST-ERA CIMPLE – Countering Creative Information Manipulation with Explainable AI, 2021-2024
  • EU COST Action Nexus Linguarum – European network for Web-centred linguistic data science, 2019-2024
  • EU H2020 HeartBIT 4.0 – Application of innovative Medical Data Science for heart diseases, 2020-2022
  • GAČR FCatPoWO “Focused categorization power of web ontologies”, 2018-2021

Four among the team members (P. Berka, T. Kliegr, J. Rauch and V. Svátek) belong to fellows of AICZechIA, the nationwide scientific association for Artificial Intelligence (comprising, as fellows, approx. 60 lead Czech AI researchers overall).


A list of selected publications (2000-now) is here.

Contact us

For further info or collaboration enquiries please contact Tomáš Kliegr or Vojtěch Svátek.