Team and Collaborations

Group leader

Petr Berka

Other group members

Jiří Ivánek, Jiřina Vejnarová, Ondřej Vadinský, Daniel Vodňanský, Ondřej Zamazal

Past members

Jan Burian, Jiří Zumr


Within the University, the IIS group mainly cooperates with

  • The Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering (SWOE) group within the same department. In particular, SWOE applies the knowledge representation and reasoning techniques relevant to IIS, including description logics reasoning and rule-based / case-based reasoning (such as the NEST shell).
  • The Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD) group within the same department: observational calculi as formal grounding for some of the DMKD tools are a part of the IIS research on uncertainty processing.
  • The Cognitive Informatics group (led by prof. Václav Řepa) at the neighboring Dept. of Information Technology. The overlapping interest is in studying the properties of machine/human intelligence.

Within the Czech Republic, there is lasting cooperation with the Institute of Information Theory and Automation (prime affiliation of J. Vejnarová) in the field of uncertainty processing, and recently with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU, in the field of intelligent buildings.

At the international level the most active contacts are in the semantic web / ontological segment, and partly in the uncertainty processing segment.