Team and Collaborations

Group leader

Vojtěch Svátek

Other group members

  • Faculty: Marek Dudáš, Tomáš Kliegr, Petr Strossa (NLP expert), Miroslav Vacura (primarily at the Dept. of Philosophy, but collaborating on numerous projects), Ondřej Zamazal.
  • PhD students: Viet Bach Nguyen, Jana Vataščinová, Gollam Rabby (also in the DMKD group), Daniel Vodňanský (primarily in the IIS group), Václav Zeman (also in the DMKD group).
  • MSc students: Anna Nesterova, Petr Novák, Jan Zhouf.
  • Project workers: Sára Juranková, Jindřich Mynarz.

Past members

Václav Belák, David Fuchs, Tomáš Hanzal, Petr Hazuza, Martin Karásek, Martin Kavalec, Jakub Klímek, Martin Labský, Martin Lukáš, Tomáš Morkus, Marek Nekvasil, Jan Nemrava, Jiří Netušil, Josef Petrák, Štěpán Pilař, Michal Pomykacz, Simone Serra, Martin Škára, Petr Škoda, Petr Tichý, Šárka Turečková, Jan Zemánek.


Within the University, the SWOE group mainly cooperates with

  • The Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD) group within the same department. In particular, SWOE promotes the achievements of TMWE, such as the Linked Hypernym Dataset (LHD), in the semantic web and Linked Data community. There is also joint research in the field of background knowledge for text mining (e.g. the, Ex information extractor project). The collaboration also regards the use of background knowledge in KDD (EasyMiner project) and data mining from linked data.
  • The open data group (led by Dušan Chlapek and Jan Kučera) at the neighboring Dept. of Information Technology. The overlaping interest is in government linked data; for example, the two groups cooperated in creating the CKAN-based Czech data catalog; from January 2014 on, they jointly represent the University in the SharePSI EU (PSP) project. The joint activities of both groups are overarched by the hub (currently in Czech only).

Within the Czech Republic, there is lasting cooperation with the XRG group at Charles University. In particular, XRG members have been directly involved in research activities of EU projects: LOD2,

At the international level, the group collaborates with numerous foreign partners, either in connection with EU projects (in particularly, the EU FP7 IP LOD2 and recently ended or on informal basis, yielding a decent number of joint publications. Examples of such joint research are:

  • Ontology/vocabulary repair based on naming patterns, with Univ. Leipzig, Germany, within the LOD2 project
  • Management of e-commerce ontologies, with UNIBW, Munich, Germany
  • Ontological patterns and anti-patterns, with ISTC-CNR, Rome, Italy, UPM, Spain, and CEMAGREF, France
  • Background models for ontologies and vocabularies, with Comenius Univ., Bratislava, Slovakia, within the bi-lateral LAAOS project
  • Multilingual ontology matching, with Univ. of Mannheim
  • Public procurement linked data, with I2G, Poznan, Poland, within the LOD2 project
  • Linked data analytics, with Univ. of Mannheim and Univ. of Bonn
  • Linked data matchmaking, with Polytechnic Univ. of Bari, Italy