Seminář: Using LISp-Miner in the commercial sphere

Datum a čas 21. 3. 2013 10:30 - 12:00
Místnost 336 RB

Using LISp-Miner in the commercial sphere

Prezentující: Viktor Nekvapil

The presentation describes the project of deploying the freeware data mining system LISp-Miner in customer relationship management, specifically in the area of lead management. The data used in the project were obtained from a major logistic company operating worldwide (the company wished to remain anonymous). The principle aim of the project was to provide information contributing to the possible change of internal processes of the company. Further aims were to propose directions of the use of the LISp-Miner when solving a similar data mining task, and propose a simple and understandable way of presenting the results. The presentation offers observations, instructions and recommendations for similar future projects. Moreover, the presentation states possible research activities within the collaboration with the market research company.