Seminář: Applying ontology engineering in public administration

Datum a čas 29. 9. 2022 16:15 - 17:45
Místnost 473 NB, a online na Zoomu (pro zaslání linku pište na

Applying ontology engineering in public administration

Prezentující: doc. Mgr. Martin Nečaský, Ph.D. (MFF UK)

„Data circulates, not the citizen.“ We often hear from politicians that they will push this idea. However, the practice of citizens having to provide the same data repeatedly still prevails. Despite the opinion of many people responsible for implementing this idea into a working ecosystem, building technical infrastructure for sharing data among different governmental information systems is insufficient. The public administration is a complex federated system that manages data in many data sources. To enable smooth information sharing, we need to know what information exists and where it is stored. For this, a registry of rights and obligations exists in Czechia. However, it is only a primitive registry that cannot serve to implement the political idea. In this lecture, we will see how a group of academicians identified this problem and proposed a solution based on distributed ontologies created by analysts working in different public institutions. We will discuss how the proposed solution can improve not only the ultimate idea of smooth information sharing but also various partial tasks performed by all public bodies. Finally, we will see why the academic group was successful only partially in the environment of Czech public administration and what were the blockers of this endeavor.



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