Seminář: Selected projects in encyclopaedic linked data

Datum a čas 5. 12. 2019 16:00 - 17:30
Místnost 470NB (nestandardní!!!)

Selected projects in encyclopaedic linked data

Prezentující: Milan Dojchinovski (FIT ČVUT), Tomáš Kliegr (KIZI VŠE), Václav Zeman (KIZI VŠE), Martin Lukáš (KIZI VŠE), David Fuchs (KIZI VŠE), Vojtěch Svátek (KIZI VŠE)

Encyclopaedic linked data is, due to its broad coverage and high degree of comprehensibility, often considered as the glue of the overall linked data web. The RDF datasets derived from Wikipedia (such as DBpedia, Wikidata or YAGO) belong to the most reused knowledge engineering assets of today, and a plethora of widely applicable tools (such as the DBpedia Spotlight, the DBpedia Databus, or the AMIE+ learner) have sprouted on their top. The two closely collaborating Prague groups at UEP and CTU have been actively contributing to this research area since a decade. In this “composed” seminar we will report on our more mature results, such as the tool, the LHD hypernym dataset or the Czech DBpedia, as well as on ongoing student projects focusing on DBpedia inlink analysis or Czech Wiktionary RDFization. We will also briefly introduce the new EU COST Action NexusLinguarum, to which the recent activities on encyclopaedic linked data largely fit.